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2021 Annual Update

Here are some of the notes I have jotted down

To help me try to tackle the solution(s) to plan a well thought out design for the property, I filled out the RAD Permaculture Design Questionnaire for the Windmill Ranch and submitted it to the good people at .

People that have come out to the ranch

Two people have come out to the property that possess a good knowledge of permaculture. In both cases we walked the land and discussed possibilities for future development. The first was Grant Tims who is associated with the Savory Institute and the second was Don Decker of the NRCS USDA (located in Douglas). Both agreed that fencing off the land to give it rest for was a good thing.

Grant was quite knowledgeable in many aspects of permaculture but more versed in composting and jumpstarting the microbiology. I believe he said his wife was going to be accredited by Dr. Elaine Ingham who is a guru in microbiology. He wasn't very knowledgeable with water harvesting and creating swales but his boss, Ricardo Aguirre was.

Don knew a lot about the history of the area and the plants that were here before the introduction of open range grazing. He said this used to be much more of grassland and that there was much less bushes and the small trees that now dominate the land. I was hoping to get more information from him about building swales and other strategies for rehydrating the land but that didn't happen.'

Other people that I have networked with.

Dennis Maroney of the 47 Ranch which is a big spread of land just North East of Bisbee Arizona. He is well versed in agriculture and has given many suggestions. I met him at the Farmer's Market and chatted with him multiple times about what I'm trying to accomplish.

Page Enhancements

I've bee waiting patienty to greatly improve this page as I see this as main part of my position at LMM and local resident/overseer/ground keeper of the property.

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the Torah the law, happy is he.
Proverbs 29:18
I see a big part of my task therefore is to keep the vision going. Part of that is showing and documenting progress which can more effectively be done if you are systematic / formal about documenting work that has been done and work that needs to be done. Therefore what I want to do with this page is for it to be seen as a Project Management page.

Project Management Technical Requirements

A database of tables
  • Projects and Project Categories
  • .
  • People
  • .
  • Folders and Tags
  • .
  • ???
  • .

Project Data Points: status, priority, prerequisites, cost, phases, justification, approval, funding

People Data Points: Who worked on which project and how much time did they spend and how should they be compensated

Folders and Tags: This is to aide in searching / filtering the projects.

SyncFusion Components

Since i'm already implementing this suite of components I thought I could leverage other ones that would be useful to this page

  • A Kanban Board
  • .
  • Diagrams
  • .
  • Other keep track of hours
  • .

Windmill Ranch Introduction

For the past several years Living Messiah has been looking for land for community development. We've called this project our Land Vision see Intial Vision (PDF) . We are happy to announce this vision is a reality and we are now in the initial development phase!

On October 5th 2020 we paid in full for a 40 acre ranch just South of Bisbee Arizona It has 2 wells. One is working and is driven by an electric motor and the second is driven by a windmill, but it is not working because it needs new leathers. The property has two trailers in the South West corner that sit on a hill along. The property is off-grid and uses a solar system and wind generators. It also has two propane tanks and a septic tank. Our desire is to build a Hebrew roots community that is self-reliant and also good stewards of the land by leveraging good permaculture design.

Please keep a link of this page as content will be updated frequently

ToDo: Write more about

  • Emphasize the need for people to live Off Grid and lead a self sufficient life style
  • The life style is oriented to be community focused
  • Land Stewardship
  • PDF Map reference

Faith Life Windmill Ranch

Faith Life Windmill Ranch

Go here to see activity at the Windmill Ranch. 

Windmill Ranch Documents

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