5 Hebrew Pass-over or Cross-over

New Meaning In An Old Rite

My Notes on Threshold Covenant; by H. Clay Trumbull

My name is John Marsing and I am an elder here at Living Messiah. These are my notes that I compiled from the teaching given by our congregational leader Mark Webb which he gave on 04/06/2024. Living Messiah follows a triennial reading of the Torah (called parasha in Hebrew) and on every Shabbat Mark does a teaching on that. On this date it was Deuteronomy chapter 4 and in his presentation he read from sections of H. Clay Trumbull's book "Threshold Covenant". The video can be found here which starts time-stamp 2.01.00

I took the time to create this document for a couple of reasons.

  1. The claims in this book are powerful and right in my wheel house
  2. I was able to create a compelling reference document 🔗 that could be useful. Luckily I found an on-line source 🔗 source I found of the book (originally written in 1896).

This reference document has evolved into a page (this page) on Living Messiah's website 'LivingMessiah.com/ThresholdCovenant 🔗. As of April 2024, the scope of this page is only for part V, sections 1-4.

My intent is to preserve as much as possible the original work while also injecting my comments, Mark's comments, and adding emphasis, and links to relevant sources.

Summary of the Threshold Covenant
What if...?
  • What if "Yehovah's passover פֶּסַח pesach H6453" was way more than the Angel of death passing over the children of Israel so as to avoid the tenth and final plague?
  • What if the context of Exodus chapter 12, which describes the passover, was a rite that was well known and that by doing a detailed word study of key words one could find a bias in the translation?
About me

As a pro-nomian Christian, a student of actual sola scriptura and one who is skilled at word studies, I can appreciate someone like Mr. H. Clay Trumbull doing and showing his work.

but there's more...

I mention this here because a word study that I have done on the King Jame's translation of "Easter" is clearly and unequivocally biased. What Trumbull is suggesting is that even in modern day Rabbinical Judaism there is a bias as well. Although not nearly as bad as antinomian Christianity it is still significant.

Cutting to the chase

Trumbull is suggesting that the word translated as bason or cup בַּסַּף saph H5592 should be the term threshold (as in threshold covenant) would be more appropriate.

cross over

Passports and Identity

1. diabateriou διαβατηρίου passport

This got my attention...

in the story of the exodus. Jerome, with his understanding of Oriental life, gives limen, “threshold,” for saph, at this point.[553 Vulgate] Philo Judæus, out of his Egyptian Jewish experiences , describing the Jewish passover festival, speaks of it as "the feast diabateria, which the Jews called paskha." Diabateria are "offerings before crossing a border," or threshold sacrifices. pg. 207 & 208

I tried to research diabateria and I got this from Google Translator diabateriou διαβατηρίου passport

About Passport
  • Required identity cross a border
  • Borders define jurisdiction
Torah is the passport for a Kingdom of Priests
2. Identity is uber important!
I, John Marsing, identify as the specifically mentioned target audience of Yeshua's ministry ... the lost sheep of the House of Israel. Mat 15:24, Mat 10:5-7. It was the house of Israel that got the bill of divorce Jer 3:8 and through the redemptive work of the blood of Yeshua this bill of divorcement was, to use Paul's word, "nailed to the cross" Col 2:14. Thereby enabling me not only the ability to do the Torah but to do so with authority because now I'm a named party to the sacred contract with Yehovah Exo 20, Jer 31:31-35 etc. that holds the office of priest Exo 19:6, 1Pe 2:9
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