About Us
We look forward to gathering with you on Shabbat


  • Living Messiah Ministries represents a family and a Kingdom, YHWH is gathering together.
    Isaiah, 43, Ezekiel 37
  • We share a common identity, we may not always share a common doctrine.
  • We build relationships through mutual respect.
  • We are patient with the guiding and directing gifts of the Holy Spirit at work in each of us.
  • We honor boundaries established by the leadership covering for this community.
  • We display respect and consideration towards others in conversation, actions and attire.
  • We avoid divisive debates, criticism, and speaking ill of others.
  • We proclaim The Word of God, not political perceptions, to the best of our understanding.
  • We study and learn from each other through interactive dialog during our services.
  • We welcome you to share detailed topics or testimonies during our open mic after our meal.
  • We thank you for your grace as our children learn along side us during services.
  • We invite you to join us either on line or in person for our Tuesday night Torah study.
  • We share a meal together after service, Leviticus 11 is our guide for preparing food.
  • We prepare in advance for this meal to the best of our ability in order to guard the Shabbat.
  • We wash our hands before going through the buffet line and touch only what we intend to take.
  • We invite our guests, those 50 and wiser and our clean up team to the buffet line first.
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