A Thought on Preparing

by Polly Webb

The Hebrew word, Asa (Ayin, Shin, Hey) is used many times through out The Scriptures to depict one who sees a need and is fulfilling it or is being directed to fulfill a present need that is seen by someone else.

Psalms 78:8 instructs me not to be like my ancestors, a stubborn and rebellious generation that did not prepare their hearts. I am instructed in 1 Peter 3:15 to be prepared in humility and fear, to give a reason for the hope that I have. John 14:2 Yahushua speaks of a place in His Fathers house that He is going to prepare for me. And Revelation 12:6,14 speaks of a place in the wilderness prepared by YHWH for the woman to flee where she would be taken care of. These are just a few examples of preparing I see through out Scripture.

Participating in a Sabbath rest requires advanced preparations in several areas, my home, meal plans, personal attention, spiritual needs (prayer, fasting, study, meditation) and assembly gatherings.

In order to properly prepare for a task or event I need to be able to see what it is that I am preparing for. Preparing becomes a lifestyle, not a one time event. May The Spirit of YHWH open my heart and hands daily for what may be required of me.

Prior to the Fall Feasts my family takes a closer look at ourselves, physically and spiritually looking for areas in need of attention, improvement, repentance and restoration.

Here is a short check list of some of the areas we examine-
 Spiritually -
  - Is my relationship with my Creator, YHWH in order?
  - Is my relationship with my family, friends,neighbors in order?
  - Is The Word of God the standard I govern every thought and deed?
  - Am I giving thanks for ALL things?
 Physically -
  - I am prepared to stay or go if I am required?
  - Is my purse or daily use back pack equipped with what I need if I could not get back home today?
  - Is my 3 day (72 hour) grab and go bag ready?
  - Do I have a 3 week supply of food, water and necessary supplies in my home in the event I had to shelter in place?
  - Are my priority lists made in advance if I had to grab and go and only had 5, 15 or 30 minutes?
  - Do I know where I would go and have I made prior arrangements to do so?

Below is a helpful list my family has complied and divided into 5 areas of preparation. Use it for your next camping trip or as a tool in your preparation planner to fill your priority needs as you walk out your lifestyle of being prepared.

May we be prepared to have our names written in The Lambs Book of Life and may we prepare for the return of our Savior.

Water & Food Shelter, Fire, Light & Electricity Health, Medical & Sanitation
Filtration & Purification SystemTent, Poles, Stakes, String, RopeFirst Aid Kit
Individual Water BottlesTarps, Rugs, Mats, ChairsAlcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide
Large Quantity JugsShade Canopy, HammockMedications, Vitamins
Snacks: Sun Block, Chap Stick
Trail Mix, Prunes, Crackers Insect Repellant, Dust Mask
"Add Boiling Water" Foods: Saline Solution, Contacts
Oatmeal, Soup, GrainsPillows, Fleece BlanketsGlasses, Sun Glasses
Hot Chocolate Powder, Tea BagsSleeping Bags 
  Toilet Paper, Feminine Supplies
Ice, Picnic Basket (plates,cups) Wipes, Squirt Bottle
 Air Mattress, Repair Kit, PumpSolar Shower
Food Preparation:Rain Poncho, Umbrella 
Tea/Coffee Pot, Hot Pads, Bowl Porta-Potty, Porta-Potty Tent
Skillet, Griddle, Dutch Oven, LidsLight - FireBio Blue Tablets, Kitty Litter
Cookie Sheet, Cutting BOardFlashlight, Extra BatteriesTrash Can or Bucket w/ Lid
Spoon, Ladle, Spatula, TongsLighter, MatchesTrash Can Liners
Knife, Scissors, Can Opener, PeelerJar or Emergency Candle 
Fire Roasters, Table Cover, Clips12 Hour Light StickToiletries:
Plastic Bucket w/ Lid (Trash)Glow Ropes/SticksShampoo, Conditioner
 Extension Cords/OutletsBody Wash Towel, Wash Cloth
Salt, Cayenne, Oil, Sweetener Deodorant, Lotion, Cotton Balls
Vinegar, Seasonings, Soda Q-Tips, Razors, Tweezers, Mirror
 Lantern, Bulb, BatteriesToothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss
Cooking:Oil Lamps, Lamp OilHair Brush/Comb, Nail Clippers
Propane Stove, Volcano, BBQ GrillLighter FluidHair-ties, Clips, Covers, Hat
Dutch-Sun Oven, Wonder Box Shower Shoes
Fire Grate, Wood, Briquets & FluidsSolar Lights 
 Tiki LightsCosmetic:
Paper Products: Make-up, Blow Dryer
Clorox Wipes, Baggies Curling, Flatting Iron
Foil, Saran, Trash BagsElectricity: 
Food Handlers, GlovesGenerator, FuelClothing:
Plates, Cups, Utensils50-100 ft Extension CordAppropriate changes of Clothing
Napkins, Paper Towels  - Underwear, Socks, Sleepwear
   - Long Pants, Shorts, Skirts
Clean Up:  - Long/Short Sleeve Shirts
3 Dish Pans, Rubber Gloves  - Jacket, Sturdy Shoes
Dish/Hand Soap, Bleach, Scraper  - Head Covering, Gloves, Scarf
ScratchPads, Dish Sponge/Towel  - Laundry Bag, Lint Roller
Water Jug w/ Valve (hand wash)  - Clothes Line, Clothes Pins
Communication, Documents & Travel Tools & Helpful Supplies
Cell Phones, Chargers72 Hour Back Pack
Two-Way RadiosPersonal Safety Equipment
Auto Adapter for Electronics 
MapMulti-Tool, Swiss Army Knike
CompassHammer, Axe, Hatchet
WhistleWrench, Pliers, Screwdriver
BinocularsWork Gloves, Safety Goggles
Watch, ClockDuct Tape, WD-40, Fishing Line
 Bug Spray, Ant Killer
 Citronella Candles
Highway FlaresShovel, Rake
Jumper CablesBroom, Dust Pan
Fix-A-FlatWater Hose, Bucket
Tire Pressure Gauge3 Coolers:
 Frequent use, Perishable, Freezer
 Folding Table & Camp Chairs
Important Personal Documents 
 - Drivers License2 Liter Bootle for Mosquito Trap
 - Personal Identification(will also need sugar & yeast)
 - Passports 
 - Registration & Insurance Cards 
 - Emergency Phone NumbersPaper, Pencil, Tape
 - Personal Document BinderSharpie Markers
 Colored Markers
 Board Games, Card Games
Cash / Coins on HandReading Material
 Sewing Kit, Needle & Thread
To Do:Safety Pins
 - Auto Maintenance / Repairs? 
 - Change OilBible
 - Fill Gas TankSiddur, Prayer Book
 - Fill Propane TanksPrayer Shawl
 - Check Tires / Pressure / SpareShofar
 Musical Instruments
 Pet and Pet Supplies
 Food, Leash, Kennel
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