Sample Code


  • Bible Cascading Dropdown List is a good example of multiple InputSelect controls where the first one (the parent) drives the values in the second one (child)

Parent Select

<InputSelect class="form-control"
	ValueChanged="@((int value) => BibleGroupIdHasChanged(value))"
	ValueExpression="@(() => bibleGroupId)"

This doesn't have a @bind-Value- like the second one does, rather is uses ValueChanged, ValueExpression and Value

This sample could be improved by having the VM passed in as a [Parameter] so that is could show off how to pre-polulate fields


Calls <BibleSearchForm/> found in the Shared folder. This is the same as what's in the top toolbar

Bible Book Chapter | Syncfusion DDL

This is a uses the Syncfusion controll SfDropDownList



d-grid gap-2 d-md-flex

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