Mark Webb
Congregational Leader

Mark Webb and his wife Pollyanna reside in Mesa Arizona with their extended Webb-Pompeo Clan. The Webb's home has welcomed, eight children by birth, a son by marriage, 2 daughters by marriage and 5 grandchildren. This large family home works together daily mastering the beauty and dynamics of living together. Polly serves our current household of 12 as the keeper of our home.

Mark was affirmed as a congregational servant-leader on July 7, 2007, and disciples believers in Messiah Yahushua (Jesus), the lost sheep of the House of Israel, in the Hebraic Roots of our Christian faith. He serves as the congregational leader of Living Messiah Ministries in downtown Mesa.

Mark is devoted to studying Scripture spanning the last 4000 years in order to gain a better understanding of the geography, history, customs, language, exile and gathering of the Whole House of Israel.

Oh give ear Shepherd of Israel, you who lead Joseph like a flock, you who are enthroned above cherubim, shine forth! Psalms 80:1
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Ralphie Cratty
Beit Din

Ralphie W. Cratty III grew up in New Castle, Pennsylvania and graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Visual Communications. Self-employed as a Graphic Designer since 1986, he has lived most of his adult life in Arizona where he met and married his wife Peribeth who helps serve with him in leadership at Living Messiah Ministries. They are blessed with a growing family of 4 adult children and now 6 grandchildren.

Ralphie came to a greater understanding of the scriptures after discovering the truth regarding the Creator’s name. This gave him a desire to re-examine his understanding of all the scriptures from the Hebraic mindset. He now has a deep passion for seeking out the scriptures and continues learning each and every day. Ralphie leads a weekly in-depth study each Shabbat before the main service.

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Jerry Watkins
Beit Din

Jerry Watkins and his wife, Jan, were both raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They have been married for over forty years and have been believers in Yehushua (Jesus) since shortly after their marriage. They have been active in a wide variety of churches, coming to a full understanding of the Hebrew roots of their faith in the late 1990's. They have served as "missionaries" all over the world, helping to bring others to a full understanding of their Hebrew heritage.

In addition to serving as a member of our Beit Din, Jerry has been teaching an interactive Torah study in a variety of venues over the last 15 years and leads our weekly Torah study here at Living Messiah. Jan volunteers in a wide variety of ways where ever there is need in our community. Presently, she welcomes and greets our visitors, making everyone feel at home in our congregation.

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John Marsing
Beit Din

Born in Eastern Oregon, raised in Carson City, Nevada, John has lived in Arizona since 1979. Trained as a computer programmer and web developer, John has several websites that he has authored and maintains, including and (web master only).

He has a passion for studying the scripture from the perspective of law, see . John has been Torah observant and Y'shua believing for many years and has been involved with and helped found several Torah-based organizations (see ) and congregations.

His unique perspective is a valuable asset to our leadership team.

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Pat Shackleford

Pat was raised in a believing home and has had a personal relationship with the Messiah since childhood. She was married to a Christian pastor with whom she served for 50 years, the last 15 of which were spent proclaiming the Messianic message. Together, Pat and her husband raised six children. Her wisdom and experience are a valuable resource to the leadership of our Living Messiah family.

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Dave Scherer

David is from Minnesota and His family owns a big farm there. He loves the messiah and he loves the law.

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Chris Lengyel
Music Leader

Christopher Lengyel is a long time Arizona resident. Christopher served in the United States Army, and has since retired and returned to a calmer lifestyle with his three children and their mother. Now that Christopher is out of the military, he looks to serve Yah through his musical abilities and leads others to bring joyful singing and praise before our Father. In Christopher’s professional life he ministers to people who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Christopher intends to grow his relationship with God to continue leading the living messiah praise and worship team and to come into deeper faith with the almighty Father Above. If you or someone you know suffers from PTSD please reach out to Chris at

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Board of Elders

As a congregation, we have selected a group of mature, like-minded believers to act as our advisors. This group has agreed to serve in the role of overseers, advising us on important decisions and helping assure that we remain true to God's Word and His Spirit. This group consists of the following members: